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Use Storytelling to Sell Your Products

Use Storytelling to Sell Your Products

Use Storytelling to Sell Your Products

Storytelling can be a useful tool to use on your product pages. But why is storytelling such an effective tool to use on product pages? And how could you use storytelling on your own e-commerce site?

You’re already doing it without knowing?

Most of our clients will already be using storytelling on their product pages. They just don’t realise it! In your text, you’ll probably already are describing why your product is the best. Most clients will use examples to do that.

So why is storytelling such an effective strategy to use on product pages?

Storytelling is effective in product pages because it allows you to show people why your product is better than the rest. I could tell you all about our great SEO packages, but it would be much more convincing if I showed you why they are so great.

Focus on the problem instead of the product!

  1. Reviews or Testimonials.
    Every review, every testimonial is a story. You probably know that testimonials increase trust. Real customers, share real experiences. Those experiences can increase trust and awarness
  2. Collect user stories.
    Ask your customers to share their experiences with your products. Ask them how the product improved their lives. Use that feedback of your customers to write little stories..
  3. Write Example Stories:
    In an example story you could introduce a persona that is facing a particular problem. Perhaps the persona wants to get more traffic to their website but does not know where to start. In your storytelling, you can explain how your product solved the problem of the persona in your story.

Conclusion on storytelling and product pages.

Stories can be powerful if people can relate to the characters in your story. Make sure your story on your product pages are about real people. Try to add specific details to make the stories more real and relative. That makes it easier for people to relate to the people in the story. Also add as many photos and/or videos to make the stories even more real!!


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