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Website SecurityWebsite Security

Trust is paramount in e-commerce. When making a purchase on a website, customers are trusting your business with their money, credit card information, and other data. Failing to secure your website  or app puts reputations and revenues at risk. You’ve likely encountered those pop up security warnings on occasion and consequently changed course quickly. Statistical, 99% of visitors do likewise.

Search engines like Google and Bing use algorithms to rank websites. Security factors their rankings. If your site is out of favour because it is not secure, there’s a good chance people won’t be able find you in regular searches. You can rest easy knowing that we have all of the tools necessary to keep your site, data and customers safe and in good standing.

Website SecurityBackups

Your website could be corrupted by hackers, viruses, computer failure or human error at any time so avoid the nightmare and make sure it’s backed up. We offer all clients an automated backup service which works like a time capsule, storing snapshots of your website at regular intervals. In just a few clicks we can restore your website to a previously backed up version so you can enjoy complete peace of mind.