It's BAU for Blueberry Design - Blueberry Design Business As Usual

It’s BAU for Blueberry Design

A Chara

We hope that you, your family and your staff are well and healthy today and that your business is surviving the challenges it faces in this extremely difficult time.

During these uncertain times, we want to reassure all our clients that It’s BAU “Business As Usual” for Blueberry Design Ltd and are available should you need us.

Nevermore has it been so important that your online presence is not disturbed or disrupted during this emergency to give assurance to your customers; its BAU “business as usual”.

Should you need anything we are contactable by:

Phone: 0419865686 or 0872497772
Email: or
Skype: martin.web1

Remember: Stay at home, wash your hands, look after your family & Take Care! Remember we’re all in this TOGETHER!

To keep updated on COVID19 go to

Yours Sincerely,
Alan Martin
Blueberry Design Ltd.

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