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How Much Does a Website Cost

When figuring out how much a website would cost here are a few things to take into consideration. The first thing we want to think about is your annual turnover. As your budget you should be using about 5% – 10% of your turnover for digital marketing.

A small company that has a turnover of €100k a year should be looking at a budget for a website of about €1k to €3k. A bigger business with an €150k annual turnover should be then looking at a budget of €5k – €8k. A large business that earns about €800k turnover a year should be therefore looking at a budget of €8k – €10k.

A Website for a Small Business

A small business generally requires a small website. A website for the small business will mean that they can get their product or service out there to get potential customers. The site will have about 4 – 5 pages. On these pages it should include their contact numbers, information on the company, services and products provided.

The website should have a professional look and feel with nice colours a consistent design throughout the website, including pictures and use of a neat font. It should be mobile friendly and  have a simple to use CMS. The website should be easy to navigate and should help the business grow.

At Blueberry Design these start at a price of €875 and depending on your budget more features can be added. All our websites will have a domain name and include website and email hosting. See our prices here.

A Website for a Medium Company

A medium company usually requires a medium sized website for marketing and lead generation. The website should be able to promote their business and also be able to promote their products and services. The site would generally consist of around 10 – 15 pages. It should have a custom business design to look sharp and professional. The website will have pictures throughout for products and services. It would have a page for all the contacts and a Google maps location to show its location.

The site will be quick and responsive. The site includes an SSL certificate to encrypt data and protect users information sent via the website. Websites include Google ReCaptcha to keep bots out. It also includes all the features of the small website previously mentioned. At Blueberry Design these website start at around €1500 and additional features cost more. See our prices here.

An e-Commerce Website

A e-Commerce website allows companies to sell their products online in a safe and secure manner.  Selling online is much more cost effective compared to a physical store. Customers can access your online store 24/7 where as your store is open for a set time. Also the cost of staffing your store compared to a website is obviously more cost efficient.

e-Commerce websites use different providers of payment such as PayPal and Stripe. These providers are PCI compliant which gives site owners peace of mind because they know that their transactions are protected and screened for fraud. Our e-commerce sites also include SSL Certificates to protect customer data and are made GDPR compliant.

e-Commerce sites tend to have 20 – 25 pages to include information and products. e-Commerce websites can have unlimited products and give variations and options to customize the product for the customer.

Depending on the budget our sites come with shared or dedicated hosting. All our e-Commerce websites come with admin logins to allow customers to manage their websites and shop. The website includes most features of the medium website and more. See the prices of the e-Commerce websites here.

Tips When Looking for a Designer

  • Ask for examples of previous work or client recommendations.
  • Look for several references and follow them up.
  • Ask for tax clearance certificate.
  • Ask about their skills, how long they’ve been doing this for and the amount of staff.
  • Ask about their location.
  • Ask about payment terms and how much you have to pay upfront.
  • Ask for the daily or monthly cost of their work.
  • Make sure you get admin login details for your website
  • Make sure the contract is signed by both parties.

Why Should You Choose Blueberry Design?

Why should you choose Blueberry Design? Having had hundreds of previous customers and over 12 years of experience we strive to keep quality consistent between our websites. We are always open to ideas and will give you options based on them. We make sure to keep your website in good shape keeping it on the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo pages. We give free consultations giving you a good idea to how much your website will cost for what you are looking for and we make sure to keep in contact telling you what happens as your website grows. We make sure your website works on all devices for easy access to mobile, PC and tablet users.

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