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Website Security

Website Security

Website Security is now more important than ever. Protecting your customer data is now being pushed to the forefront of how you are expected to protect your customers when visiting your websites or app. Any data (not just credit cards) must be protected for the sake of you and your customers. Also figured into this is how your website is ranked on Search Engines. Secure websites are now the preferred sites for search engines as they offer more protection to their visitors and provide a better user experience. Another element to consider is how internet browsers will flag websites that are not secure to warn users to the possibility of having their data stolen. Our certificates are extremely secure and will offer your customers the protection they require. We supply a range of SSL certificates to suit all types of websites from small brochure sites to larger e-commerce websites.

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Your website could be corrupted by hackers, viruses, computer failure or human error at any time so avoid the nightmare and make sure it’s backed up. We offer all clients an automated backup service which works like a time capsule, storing snapshots of your website at regular intervals. In just a few clicks we can restore your website to a previously backed up version so you can enjoy complete peace of mind.

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