Mobile Websites

More people today are accessing the web using their smartphones and tablets. This means if your site is not mobile optimised it can make it difficult for site visitors to find and use your website in the way we see them on our laptops and PCs.

Mobile websites can correct this by optimising your current website for these new devices. We can create a mobile friendly website for use on all smartphones and tablet devices.

It works on all android phones & devices (e.g. Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony Experia, Galaxy Tab), IOS platform (e.g. iPhone & iPad) and other mobile devices like Nokia, Blackberry & Kindle.

The sites come with a range of features specifically for smartphone users to access the site content in a faster and more effective manner.

website design

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mobile app development

Auto redirect from full website to mobile version

Mobile websites built using Blue-e can be viewed on all major smartphones and tablets.

Call Button for one click call to your number

Allow customers easily connect with your business through your mobile website with a click-to-call button.

Open Hours

Let customers see your open times.

Contact Forms

Let cutomers email you directly.

Find Us with maps and directions

Using Google Maps & Directions is an easy way to make sure customers can get to your business location easily.

Image Gallery

Add or remove images from your PC to your mobile website.

Customer Reviews

Allow customers to post reviews of your business or services.

QR codes for promotional material

Create your QR Label and bring your customers to your site.

Manage Pages

Post News update your news using Blue-e dashboard


Track visitors, trends devices access your site.

Full Website

Link to your full website.

Facebook and Twitter integration

Integrate your social media pages in to your mobile site. Allow customers to see your Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin pages and see posts and social news.

Your videos optimised for mobile devices

Upload and play your videos on Youtube


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