Hosting & Domain Names

Domain names are important! A domain name is what is needed to help people find your site and business. It is your address on the web and when you consider how people will find your website it pays to know the domain you use is practical and user friendly.

We at Blueberry can advise you on how to approach the process of choosing your domain name and registration.

Our domain names are very reasonably priced and are registered locally.

We provide a range of support services to our customers for their websites.

hosting and domain names support

Ask our experts to help with your project

hosting and domain names support

Our dedicate servers provide 24 hour access to your website.
Secure servers for online payments 24 hour a day.
Updated statistics so you know how well your site is performing.
Access to business email (anti spam and virus filters included).
And more…

We feel it is important that we are also available to our clients anytime we’re needed. Providing a high level of customer support is critical for us to ensure our clients’ needs are adhered to at all times.

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Should you need to move or want to inquire about hosting and support services, please do feel free to call us anytime!